I need a LoRaWAN relay for my S2120 weather station

Due to some mountains, long distance and lack of gateways in the area I live, I would like to set up a Lorawan relay, somewhere between my gateway and my S2120.
How I understand, the node (i.e. my S2120) needs a SW-update to work with a Lorawan Relay, that includes what is specified in LoRaWAN® Relay Specification TS011-1.0.0

The relay specification requirements are described in the LoRaWAN® Relay Specification TS011-1.0.0 document.

I suppose this upgrade has to be implemented in the SW by SEEED.
Somebody might know something regarding this?

good question… i just recieved my S2120 too… my is working great with local coverage… please keep us updated!

they really push this gateway thing… and it is nice and all… but i really like cheap and decentralized too… they dont talk about that so much

I am trying to get them to make a XIAO with p
lora module that would probably do what you need… but so far nothing… maybe they will do a prototype run and send one to us…