I have a Fibocom FM350-GL modem from a Lenovo laptop - can I get it to work in the Seeed Odyssey?


So as per the title I have this 5G Modem which I would love to get working in this little computer, it would make it into an awesome little 5G modem. This is the Seeed Odyssey X86J4125800

I currently have Windows 10 Installed on the machine.

However, I have tried installing the modem with no luck. When the modem is plugged in the only changes I see are 8 new “USB COM ports” appear in other devices in device manager. Nothing comes up in Networking Adapters, and installing the Lenovo drivers does not seem to have any effect.

Anyone got any ideas on how I might be able to get it to work?

Edit: Just realised the slot on the Odyssey is USB/Sata only, and it seems like this modem is PCIE only from its documentation. So looks like I’ll need to experiment with Windows on a sata ssd and the modem in the PCIe slot with an m to b adapter.