How to use 2 CANBus Shield v2's on single Arduino?

I have a project where i need to talk to two independent CAN networks on a single Arduino Mega R3. How do I configure two identical Seeed CANBus Shield v2’s so that I can address the two networks independently ?

I see there is some discussion which sounds like this is possible on the Seeed product page / Wiki but my Arduino knowledge is already being stretched :confused: … some example code would be amazing.

My current code can be seen here which does what I need for a PoC against a single CANBus network currently. Next step is to manipulate this so its send to a single CAN network only and some dummy data is sent to the second network via the additional shield.

I managed to get this sorted out and am happily running the two shields now :slight_smile:

Code changes needed are here as well as cutting the link on the back of the shield and soldering the pad to dictate the use of pin 10 as SS/CS on one of the shields only.