How to run LVGL in wio Terminal - Simple Example to begin - I stay with issues


I can blink led in my wio terminal. But I need LVGL Example named benchmark and lv_test_stree.ino

But I still haven’t been successful even by what is mentioned on the site below:


The current port of the FPS under benchmark demo is not displaying properly, please stay tune to more updates.

I know about 320*240 spi serial tft, correct? What else do I have to learn? Would you have a very simple and functional example code?

My issue LOG:

My issue screen:

I try too LVGL_Arduino.ino But I was not successful. Tks

You can try using the example in the LvGL library, which works successfully.

@Citric Tks. But examples not work’s for me yet. Look the pic in original post. I need other example and/Or step by step

I don’t have this example of the your pic

You can try out the library and look forward to your feedback.

@Citric I already had this lib installed. And I still don’t have the Seeed_Arduino_Lvgl option. I restart IDE, but not solved yet


@Citric i can do this is Big Sur, Arduino ide. In Mac only one way to include library (zip file) which is in the sketch menu and it worked. But in w11 I had included the lib through the tools menu and then the sketch menu and I got the error below:

Not sure if it was because of that

I’m researching and it seems that only in the new versions of the arduino ide there are two ways to include libs

My computer is also on windows 11, but I have no problem running the program. By the way, the version number of Arduino is 1.8.19.

I see from the program error message you provided that you are using the lvgl-8.3.1 library. This library does not work with Wio Temrinal.
Before starting again, please remove lvgl-8.3.1 from the Arduino library before retrying.

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