How to program Grove Lora-E5

Hi all,

I’am trying to program my Grove Lora-E5 with my own soft. I’ve already sucess with LoRa-E5 Development Kit but I’m encoutering issue with Grove - LoRa-E5.
When I try to connect to the board with STM programmer I can’t set Read Out Protection to AA.
What did :

  • the supply voltage of the board is set to 5V
    At the back of the board :
  • RST to pin15 of STLINK
  • DIO to pin 7 of STLINK
  • CLK to pin 9 to STLINK
  • GND topin 20 of STLINK
  • pin 1 of STLINK to +5v of the board

But when I’m trying to connect this i strange it’s not working well like LoRa-E5 Development Kit,
so the last test I didi is to put RST to GND before connecting with STM programmer but it’s doesn’t change anything, any ideas?

Did you solve the problem? I’m trying to find a way to program the arm cortex m4 on the stm32wl itself using Arduino. Do you know any example code?

I would ask the same question.

If you could program the processor on the LoRa-E5 directly, hopefully from the Arduino IDE, it would open up a lot of applications for the board. There do seem to be a fair few spare IO pins for connecting sensors etc.