How to get more power out of the Grove Electromagnet

So I recently purchased a Grove Electromagnet + GrovePi+, everything works perfectly. However for the effect, I want to show in my experiment, I need more power out of the Grove Electromagnet. I’m not fluent in Python so do not know how to call this module/function.

It is labelled to have 25N hold but I can’t seem to even get a tenth of that, I know it is working because I tested it with a little screw, it seemed to hold it in place, but when I try to attract the screw from about a cm away it the effect isn’t present. I know the relationship between distance and power, it is the inverse square law. But it should still attract, that’s why I’ve concluded that the Electromagnet isn’t being used to its full potential. Can anyone help? Thanks! I’ll still keep looking.


Hi there~

Yes, you can connect the GND and SIG pins of the Grove Electromagnet to GrovePi+ GND and SIG pins. This is the control signals.

Then you connect the GND and VCC pins of the Grove Electromagnet to external GND and 5V power supply. The external power source will provide better attraction. thanks.