How To Flash A New Image To A SenseCAP M2?

Hi! Is there a procedure on a SenseCAP M2 like the one available for SenseCAP M1 to flash a new image? After factory reset, the LoRaWAN gateway for Helium (SenseCAP M2 light hotspot) is broken and is unable to reach Sensecap OTA servers for an automatic firmware update.

please do not post multiple items on the forum and discord… the staff is on weekend break… they will reply to one of your posts eventually if they can help… otherwise extranious posts do not help the situation at all…

Thanks for taking some time to read about our situation.
I’m writing over here as well because the first user that reported is was on Monday June 3, 2024, and given the quality of the answers received by the support ticketing system it seems they’re not understanding. Another story would be if they reply: hey, we are investigating, give us more time, or hey open the device, do this test… but on my case they’re saying that is my internet… which is not true.

I think this is another valid question, another topic but are related.

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understandable! keep up the good work… i truly hope your situation can be resolved… otherwise do you like helium? what is the deal with minting (cant say the other word… you know the one meaning digging out of the ground) it, is it really a thing or a boondogle? I just got a SenseCAP S2120 weather station… it is working flawlessly off the helium hot spot down the road… only problem is all the reedings are in metric and i am in America and cannot read metric, I am looking for a toggle switch… but no information is coming out… trust me i am frustrated… you have to remember that Seeed is a hardware manufacturer… so they just make the circuitboards and whatnot in a factory… its like asking a candy maker why my candybar is not sweet… the answer is thrw it away and try a new one…

I’m still learning about Helium, have a couple of gateways and experienced with Data Only and PoC’s ones. Recently I helped a relative to buy his S2120. I hope I can help him to configure it remotely, because he needs it for a small farm. I think there should be a way to edit the formulas/decoder. I remember I had to do that with another brand LoRaWAN tracker with Helium Legacy console (LNS) and Datacake.

That is a wonderful analogy about the issue!

This is the answer that I received to my ticket… :man_facepalming:

The M2 gateway does not need to flash a new image like the M1. You can refer to this link for guidance:

On s2120 i was able to change the uplink frequency remotly and was able to update the firmware with bluetooth from the iPhone app

now I need to change the readings to US from metric

The procedure is still restricted to SenseCAP team, but at least they have fixed the automatic firmware update process. Read more at the thread: Factory reset of SenseCAP M2 (Helium version aka Light hotspot) make it uselesss