How to erase at firmware Lora-E5

Hi all,

I’d like to create my own soft with ST for Lora-E5, on the wiki t’s said I have to erase AT firmware here but when I click on the link I can seee/read any tutorial where it’s explain how to erase the firmware, do you have a procedure or something else to explain it ?

It is possible to erase the firmware using the actions listed below on wiki-page start with the words “Open STM32CubeProgrammer, connect ST-LINK to your PC, hold RESET Button of your Device, then click Connect and release RESET Button” etc

Thanks, I’ve just tried to follow all actions, but when I clicked on Connect I got an error. I have this board

14:00:26:506 : ST-LINK error (DEV_USB_COMM_ERR)
14:00:26:510 : Error: Problem occured while trying to connect

For now I’ve updated my STLINK firmware and now I’ve other error No STM32 target found!

I advise you to connect the 'VCC target" (VAPP) signal from the ST-Link to the devboard’s pin “3.3V”
It seems that the original ST-Link will not work normally if this connection is not available.

It never works, never worked for my colleagues on many platforms, versions of st links and OS.