How to debug the xiao nrf board when programming in Zephyr

Hello All,

I would like to know how best I can debug the xiao_ble board when programming using Zephyr?

I read in the documentation on Zephyr that the expansion board can allow you to flash and debug code, but I don’t think it does (I think I miss interpreted the statement below):

Is there I way I can use a library to output printk statements to the screen on the expansion board?

If I were to use an external debugger: am I able to step through the code and see variable values on my IDE or is it more primitive?

I hope that I can have a discussion that would help me better understand the above two questions and how I can best continue to debug my program.


Hi there,
Yes the basic setup looks like this.

just search jlink and or SWD you will be reading a while , but I can tell you can handle the curve.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

post any ? you have a lot of folks have used it and have experience with the process.

What model debugger are you using?