How to debug ESP32C3 Xiao?

Is there a way to use a debugger over USB with the ESP32C3 Xiao other than soldering a third party debugger to the bottom side JTAG pins?

Hi Dean,
Try the Xiao Expansion board, Then use Platformio and Debugger ,Progy or Jlink works well.
GL :slight_smile:

thanks! So, the Expansion board actually has spring pins that contact the swd pins on the bottom of the Xiao. Brilliant!


That sounds great. I also have the expansion + xiao esp32c3 + jlink. However I don’t use platformio, I just want to use openocd however it is not detecting the board.
The expansion board only connects the 2 swd pins. The espressif website says that esp32c3 doesn’t support swd so I wonder how does platformio gets it to work and whether it can be mimic with some openocd configuration

Hi there,
Take a look at the links and see with the correct probe it’s a 1-click debug :wink: You can use usb-proggy or jlink it’s the jtag method to upload and debug AFAIK.
GL :slight_smile: PJ