how to command rainbowduino v2?

ive managed to get the rainbowduino firmware v2 onto my rainbowduino and flashed my arduino with the seeedmaster sketch, ive googled a whole ton, checked every website possible even the wiki pages for some documentation on how to control the matrix on the rainbowduino, and i found absolutely little to no documentation,

how on earth to i control it?

Sorry for the inconvenience brought.
For this problem,I try it on my raindowduino V2.0,and it can work great.
I just follow this to finish:
1.Download all the thing we need in here:
Uncompress the zip file,you will get(3rdParty,arduinoFw,processingLib,rainbowduinoFw,Readme.txt)
You have to get two software:arduino IDE and processing
In the 3rdParty folder you can find and uncompress this two to the …\arduino-0022\libraries
rename the wimleers-flesitimer2-v1.0 to flesitimer2.
Copy all the stuff of the processingLib floder to C:\Users\Tobe\Documents\Processing\libraries(Tobe is my name),if there has no libraries,then just creat it.
Open rainbowduinoFw->Rainbow_V2_71->Rainbow_V2_71,and download to you rainbowduibo
Open aduinoFw->neoLed->neoLed,and download to you arduino(you can find how to download on the wiki:
(NOTE:Change something of the WIRE library of arduino before you ope that two demo code,
utility/twi.h: #define TWI_FREQ 400000L (was 100000L)
#define TWI_BUFFER_LENGTH 98 (was 32)
wire.h: #define BUFFER_LENGTH 98 (was 32))
conncet your rainbowduino to your arduino via I2C,open your processing,copy this code to your processing:

[code]import processing.serial.;
import com.neophob.lib.rainbowduino.test.
import com.neophob.lib.rainbowduino.*;

static final int SIZE = 400;
Rainbowduino r;

void setup() {
size(SIZE, SIZE);

//initialize rainbowduino
List list = new ArrayList();
list.add(6); //use rainbowduino with slave id 6
try {
r = new Rainbowduino(this, list);
System.out.println("ping: ";
} catch (Exception e) {
println(“FAILED to open serial port!!”);


void draw() {
//draw some simple stuff on screen
color c1 = color(128+(int)random(64), 128, (int)random(255));

int size = 80+(int)random(80);
int x = (int)random(SIZE);
int y = (int)random(SIZE);
rect(x, y, size, size);
//send PApplet to the Rainbowduino lib - and send it to slave id 6
r.sendRgbFrame((byte)5, this);
then run it.
Note:the rainbowduino need to use the extern power.