How should I ask for an exchange?!

Dear. Seeed studio

I bought your reComputer J2021 board from your website and I’m attaching the invoice letter as below.

Seeed order No. 4000150976

It’s not working and I can smell the burnt smell on the board.

We’ve used your 12v adapter as you shipped it together. When I connect it to the board it starts to make a smoky smell and doesn’t work at all.

As you can see from the picture there are some shiny parts on the back of the board.

I would like to get a new product in better condition. Thank you

Really? Nobody answering me… I got email from EICO from SEEEDstudio technical service team and keep telling me to leave a ‘ticket’. Your ticket system doesn’t work at all. Save me!! from this Kaos!!! Please!! ASAP!