How do I enable SSH on EdgeCraft OS

Hello guys,
I want to enabel SSH on the SenseCraft Edge OS.

I have read the „Starting with SenseCraft Edge OS“ but there is no mention about SSH connection. I have also read the „Getting started with reTerminal DM“ and flashing the OS where there is specified how to enable SSH connection but only for the Raspberian OS.

I want to use the SenseCraft Edge OS and also use the SSH connection. I have noticed that reTerminal DM has on the back written user: admin and a password: xxxxxx.

Do I use these for SSH?
Because when I try to connect to the reTerminal DM using Putty it sends me this error:

Thank you in advance!

In order to facilitate maintenance and upgrade, we do not provide open access to root in the near future. Thank you for your understanding and support

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I wanted to check if my Raspberry PI Python GPIO library is working correctly through the terminal via SSH … :frowning:

I will open another forum post and try to debug the problem there since I cannot connect.

Thank you for clearing this up!