HiJack firmware

I recently purchased the HiJack development kit to work with TechBasic. The HiJack does not function on my iPhone 4 (insulating washer was added). For now I am assuming the firmware was not installed. I have tried following the instructions for download and installation of firmware. However, (1) my PC with Windows XP does not seem to allow the option of reconfiguring COM1 to a USB port and (2) I don’t see how to execute the firmware file stored on CD. Are there more complete instructions? Is there a tutorial for downloading the firmware?

Hello ,
Sorry that we haven’t more instructions because we are not the designed , you can search it on the Hijack official website .
There more , you can contact the designer , the email address is thomas.schmid@utah.edu


did you solve this problem? I have the same problem now. need help urgently.

hey boy
This is Externally-sourced products, the all posted on our wiki are provided by other designer , and we have not more information than it shows. :cry: