Help with Seed studio Rainboduino and cube combo needed

Hi Gents

I’ve got my cube and Rainbow duino assembled and I get a very pretty but static display of diferent colours. Should come loaded with something a little better.
Without better instructions i cant tell if thats as it should be.

How do I get the plasma program onto my cube.

I’ve tried one method of removing the chip from a new Uno wiring it up to the rainbow duino and trying to upload the program but i keep getting compilation error messages from the plasma program.

Multipple definition of gamma tab
and and mutiple definitions of “dots colour”

I dont recommend removing the chip -i’ve only suceeded in bending the legs of the chip -one right of (now held in place by a blob of solder) and giving an involuntary blood sample!

I’ve tried the Arduino ISP program without any joy
Basic blink program works on my aduino with soldered chip leg! so i’m asuming thats OK for now.

Please help

2 in the morning cracked it very pretty :smiley: