help with DYP-ME007TX and Waspmote (arduino)

Hello everyone, I just bought this sensor ( … r%20module) and I trying to read from it with my waspmote.

For those of you that don’t know wasppmote you can check it out at but it is essentially an arduino (with almost all same commands). Difference number one in code is that you use USB rather than Serial .

However can you guys help me reading from this sensor? I can’t queite get how!

I have another sensor from MAxSonar and I use PWM but I can’t really use that for much since it doesn’t read objects closer than 15cm, so I need some other sensor.

I would really appreciate if you can help me!

Its so easy:

If you dont understand this, sell it on ebay and buy this one: … th=144_149
There is an example for this module … rogramming

What does “Communication format 9600,n,8,1” mean??
Have you ever heard of waspmote? It almost exactly like arduino… Could you help me reading from this sensor??

What are the steps?

I also bought the sensor from seedstudio, and I am waiting for it! :smiley:

Serial transfer with baudrate 9600, none parity, 8 data bit and 1 stop bit.

Ok, but how do you think i can read the distance from the sensor??

Just connect this sensor to a digital port on your arduino and start a serial connection (software serial).

You use only rxPin, so you must define a unused port for txPin.

If you don’t know what to do please search for beginner tutorial and read the arduino reference: