Help Deciphering Soil Moisture from SenseCAP S2105

Hello there,

Just looking for some guidance on how I should be interpreting the soil moisture % data coming in from this sensor. Everything I read says its Volumetric Water Content range 0 - 100%, but I’m just not exactly sure how I can use the to understand the water content of a specific substrate, nor how I should be placing them.

I am a cannabis grower by trade so I am trying to integrate these sensors to watch the plants get fed, reach an appropriate intuitive %, then dry-back to a comfortable level. Eventually integrate an automatic system once these % make sense so when the sensor reaches a certain threshold they are fed.

The current standard for our indoor cultivation is not a soil substrate, but in rockwool from Grodan. We feed via ebb and flow so they fill and soak up their water from the bottom up.

We’ve used other sensors but there just seems to be no consistency, at least for me, in understanding this specific metric.

Anything helps! Thank you for your time.

Dank Knight