Grove with You ---- Grove 10 Years Celebration

Dear Makers,

We are very excited to announce that Seeed is currently counting down for the 10 year anniversary of the debut of Grove :tada:. In the past 10 years, we have seen many wonderful projects created by Grove from our user and community. We want to invite you to join us to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Grove :star_struck:.

In the Grove 10 Years Celebration, we’d like to collect the stories of “Grove with You”, which we want to invite our users to share their stories they have with Grove products.

  • What project you’ve made out of Grove?
  • What is your favorite Grove?
  • which one was the first Grove you’ve purchased?

We encourage you to post and share photos, videos, stories of Grove in the forum, or any other platforms below that you’d like to use.
By use following ways to find us, and tag #grove10 to share the project with us!

Feel free to be creative in documenting your projects–we will be selecting top 10 most “Grovy” winning entries from the submissions, and the winners will receive a $100 Grove Surprise Pack :yum: as a special gift.

Twitter (@seeedstudio) Instagram (@seeedstudio) or simply email your project to

We are looking forward to seeing your projects! :partying_face: Click here to view the topic


Yumeng Cheng
Brand Manager @Seeed


Wow, 10 years. Grove makes making it easier.


Congrats @Seeed on the Grove 10 Years Celebration is the oldest/most established plug and play system that helps you to learn electronics and programming so it can be a perfect rapid hardware prototyping platform.

Air Quality Monitoring Station with Wio Terminal:

Not looking for a prize, I just wanted to say a big thank you for such easy to use solutions compared to all the loose wires/breadboard of old !!

My story on ease of use with your grove kit :-
Ease of use by beginners is an often overlooked metric in the industry but important for engegement.

Scout Troop-358 Lucas/Fairview Texas, programming merit badge , requirement 5b
Out of box, introduction, scout coding and working ultrasound distance measurement with digital display. Using msp430 grove booster pack ,Ultrasound sensor and 4 digit display.

Time : <20 mins.
This is great for initial engagement.

For more advanced students I do believe we learn vital skills when we debug hardware and code so I do have one of the 4 wire connectors with a non-visible broken wire for this purpose. :slight_smile:

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I am a MakerSpace organizer, and have introduced hundreds of people to Arduino programming using the Grove system. I found trying to explain breadboarding, basic electronics and programming up front to be too much at the same time; Grove plug-and-play modules really helped out.
I have built a display of 48 projects at the MakerSpace which utilize several dozen Grove modules so visitors can come and learn at their pace; each in a pencil box with all of the parts needed to explore sensors, motors, etc. with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
I made a smaller version of this for libraries called 36 Projects; I do not know how many libraries are using it but my site gets 300 hits per month:
Grove has made a BIG difference in bridging the gap between the novice and technology and is great for rapid prototyping.


Wow, Happy birthday Grove! :birthday::gift:
My story with Grove started in 2012 when I joined Seeed. The first task after my onboarding at Seeed was to translate the tutorial for Grove Starter Kit. (And this marks as my embark on the journey as a maker and into the maker community! :blush:) And the then tutorial has been optimized by community members afterward. THANK YOU! :heart: Here are some pictures of the demos from this kit back then. :relieved:

With years of evolution, we are happy to see many iterations of Grove Starter Kit adopted by DIYers, educators, students, artists, and many other innovators from the community in building creative projects. :clap: Thank you for choosing Grove :heart::blush:

One of my projects empowered Grove is the Sous Vide project made during a hackathon with my colleagues at Seeed. As a foodie, projects related to food always pop up in my mind as the first option :smiley:

You can learn more about the project at

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