Grove - Vision AI Module unable to make work following directions


I just got my Grove - Vision AI Module and want to see it work on windows.

I have tried the web page using fresh out of box module. Tried following directions to flash it from wiki’s Grove-Vision-AI-Module page

I have not been able to see an image in the web page, it connects, but fails to display an image in both chrome and edge.

on Train and Deploy Your Own AI Model - Seeed Wiki

  • the capture_images_Grove_AI_firmware.uf2 link is broken.
  • the Grove_AI_default_firmware.uf2 link is also broken.

Any help is appreciated. stuck in loop · Issue #1 · Seeed-Studio/Seeed_Arduino_GroveAI · GitHub had a fix, i now get image. next to work out how to get AI annotations. :slight_smile:

Where did you find the link to this wiki?
The following is the correct link.

on this page Grove - Vision AI Module, thumb-size, AI-powered camera, easy-to-use, customized sensor, ultra low power cost - Seeed Studio

Meanwhile, we have provided a specific tutorial to show you how to train the AI model for specific applications and then deploy it onto the devices.

ok, not really sure. they are similar, but not the same. maybe i got it from google or doing a site search on seeed

That link for the tutorial is broken… It would be awesome to correct it !