Grove Vision AI Module - memory descriptor verification fail, bootloader update and factory firmware restoration not working

I have a Grove Vision AI module that I attempted to begin using by following the seeedstudio wiki. The device is recognized by the computer and I can copy uf2 files to the drive. However, when I run the example program to erase the firmware, the code does not complete any line past “uint32_t id = wei.ID();” and when I run the example face detection program the code only returns “Algo begin failed.”

Using a serial port monitor when hitting the boot button on the module I get an error:
“memory descriptor verification fail : sec_code = 0x3
bootloader fail (main-1943)”

Is this a hardware issue or is there a different method to restore the factory firmware that might fix the issue?

NOTE: I have already followed instructions to update the bootloader according to the wiki, however, it has not changed any of my results.