Grove/ublox GPS v1.1 responding with PMTK invalid format

I have a Grove GPS board that when I try to communicate with it always responds with PMTK Invalid Format.

I know the format is correct, I am using an online calculator to arrive at the correct checksum. I have used this calculator before for another GPS device that works as expected (today), but this one is refusing to accept any command. I’m trying to set the default NMEA message streams, but regardless of what I use, I ALWAYS get this “PMTK invalid response”.

Trying to reset the 314 message “$PMTK314,-104" gets an invalid format error, as does a test code "$PMTK00032”

I have tried this via Arduino both without a delay and with a delay (ie upon setting up the serial ports), I have also tried it directly connected to my laptop via FTDI basic USB cable. The error is the same.

I am trying to work out what board it is. The back of the board says: GPS v1.1, the wiki says this is a SIM28, but the codes on the chip indicate it is a ublox NEO-6M-0-001

How can I in fact determine if it is operating correctly?

On a side note, it IS actually outputting the correct data for what it puts out and I am getting thee NMEA messages: GGA, GSA, GSV, GLL, RMC and VTG.

However, I don’t want these all messages. All I want is RMC and ZDA (normally off by default–as is the case here–and I’m trying to turn this on, and the others off).