Grove UART WiFi Module

Where is the complete AT command reference for this module? I can’t find the commands required to specify the credentials for connection to a WPA2 access point. None of the example code I can find includes this info.


I haven’t checked if this info is there, but this is a good command description:


This was useful but I found more complete info @


I can send UDP data over WiFi from the UNO to my PC with no problem.

However, I cannot get the module to trigger on UDP data sent from the PC. I set up the module with AT+CIPSERVER=1,2390 and get confirming OK response. This sets up a TCP server on port 2390 per the docs but there is no separate command to listen for UDP packets so this is my only choice. I then monitor Serial1.available() in the LOOP section and start sending UDP packets from the PC. The sketch sends any printable ASCII characters via Serial.print to the serial monitor… Wireshark on the PC shows the packets are being sent but Serial1.available() never returns anything other than zero. If I change my PC app to send TCP packets the module responds. There must be a way to get it to respond to incoming UDP packets but I can’t find any info in the docs. I really don’t need the overhead of TCP.

CIPSERVER starts an TCP server. UDP does not know about connections/server.
For UDP I use
Where is the IP of the PC and 4201 is the port on the PC side and 4200 is the port on the esp.