Grove Sunlight Sensor Si1145/Si1151 has only values 0

I have purchased a Grove Sunlight Sensor Si1145 which uses Si1151. Cloned the demo project Seeed_Python_SI114x. In I changed the code:

SI114X_ADDR = 0x60 to
#SI114X_ADDR = 0x60
SI114X_ADDR = 0x53

if self._ReadByte(SI114X_PART_ID) != 0X45: to
if self._ReadByte(SI114X_PART_ID) != 0X45 and self._ReadByte(SI114X_PART_ID) != 0X51:

to get the code running the desired way on a RaspBerry 4 B. But now all values of the sensor show 0. Might the sensor defect? Or has the code to be changed?

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Same issue here. Seems to be returning that 0x51 indeed but can’t find it in the data sheet at all

Hi, I’m facing a similar problem, got the Si1151 sensor, and found there is no library available. I’m not able to go from there. Did you get it to work? And if so, how can I change these addresses myself to achieve similar results

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I’m sorry, but whatever I tried, nothing helped. I hoped to get an answer or an advice here, but as you can read, very little interest around…

After further struggling yesterday, I did manage to get it working(at least it outputs sensible numbers, haven’t verified it yet).

I found this blog post RaspberryPi Zero WHとSunlightセンサで紫外線などを測定してみた - Qiita
It’s in some Asian language i’m not familliar with, but google translate helped me out with that.

It linked me to this page:

And the code there worked for me!
Hope this helps you too.

Thx a lot, for this information. I’ll try it and inform here, if and how it works.

After combining the information I gathered in the past, I got it now running, in a terminal as well as in ioBroker.

  1. You can follow the installation guide in Seeed studio, with one exception, you must use this clone command:
    git clone -b Si115x GitHub - Seeed-Studio/Seeed_Python_SI114X: The python3 code is to read the visible light, UV light, and infrared light data.. The mentioned one doesn’t work.
  2. In a terminal use python3

Now you should see real values in the terminal window

Thank you RasperryPieMaker for your link to the Chinese (?) website, where I found the correct git- command.