Grove shield i2c1 - LCD1602 not detected


I tried to connect the lcd1602(V2.0) to a PICO plugged into the grove shield, I can detect it through i2c.scan using the IC20 of the shield. I can get the LCD1602 address and can subsequently send text to it, no problem.
I use (i2c = I2C(0, scl=Pin(9), sda=Pin(8), freq=400000)

When I try to do the same through the I2C0 of the shield, no detection, this is true with any sensor.
I use (i2c = I2C(1, scl=Pin(7), sda=Pin(6), freq=400000)
I have tried with sda=2 & scl=3, sda=10 & scl=11, sda=14 & scl=15, sda=18 & scl=19, sda=26 & scl=27), none works.

I do not know what else can be wrong. I am just starting to work with the pico and shield but tried to make this work for the past 2 days, please forgive something obvious I may have missed!