Grove Shield for Arduino Nano v1.0 can it be used with a Nano RP2040

Hi, I bought a grove shield for Arduino Nano v1.0. I wanted to use it with a Arduino Nano Connect RP2040.
I experienced that when I mount the Arduino Nano Connect to the shield, the Nano is losing the ability to create a USB serial port. When I take the Nano Connect RP2040 off the grove shield the Nano is again able to establish a USB serial connection with a host PC.

Yet it is eight days ago that I created my post. No reaction at all! Why?

I have the same problem, when the RP2040 Connect is connected to the Grove Shield for Nano it loses/can not establish USB connection to PC.

I could resolve the problem:
The schematics displayed here Grove Shield for Arduino Nano - Seeed Wiki
shows a connection between the RST - RST pins.
If you remove that connection, the Grove Nano shield works fine with RP2040 Connect board.

I removed the connection by drilling a small hole directly opposite the middle jumper of the 3.3/5V switch. Be careful not to cut the connections of the 3.3/5V switch on the other side of the board:

Here is a picture of my drilled hole:

@Bodobolero. Thank you for your response and the solution. I go to drill the hole tomorrow. Then sure go to check the result.

Note that I used the newer Model with the 3,3/5v switch.

I have version 1.0 of the board without a switch.
This morning I drilled a hole in my shield, but not totally through. It worked out OK
Hole drilled.
Next I mounted an Arduino Nano Connect RP2040 onto the shield and connected a M5Stack 3-port I2C hub to the I2C connector of the shield. Onto the I2C hub I connected a TMP117 temperature sensor.
TMP117 sensor connected to Arduino Nano Connect

I loaded an example sketch from Adafruit. I modified it to print only to the IDE Monitor window. The sketch works OK. Conclusion: for me the modification of the shield works! Again thanks @Bodobolero.

P.S.: when the Arduino IDE (v1.8.19 MS Windows 11) finished the build, now appears for a few moments a popup window of the MS Windows File Explorer, showing the drive of the Arduino Nano Connect. (when the IDE is flashing the sketch to the microcontroller.