Grove-OLED 0.96" compatible with ELEGOO UNO R3?

Hi all. I have a few of these OLEDs that I broke off from the original Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino.

They worked fine with the Seeed Lotus board, but I want to use them with my ELEGOO UNO R3.
OLED SCL/SDA are connected to UNO R3 SCL/SDA pins respectively, but they don’t seem to turn on at all. When I plug it back into the Seeed board it works just fine. On the ELEGOO UNO R3, I have tried both Seeed’s own code (from link above) and example code from Last Minute Engineers’ tutorial for a standard OLED:

Do they just not work with external boards?
Let me know if I can provide more info. Thank you.