Grove mp2 player v2 not playing files

been trying to get the mp3 player to work using the example code you get with it but it doesnt want to play the files, speaker is working fine and everything seems to be alright

Have you noticed the status indicator LED? How is that behaving? Btw, I found the VS1053B MP3 shield quite user-friendly. There are different shields manufactured by different companies based on the VS1053B IC. Mp3 Shield For Arduino - Share Project - PCBWay

status indicator LED is working like usual. i will have a look at that shield and might have to use two seperate arduinos for my project for each part instead of one for all, that way i can use that shield.

Do you have a MicroSD card breakout board? If yes, I suggest you to test your microSD card separately. With the SD card examples of the Arduino IDE, you can test if the Arduino can read your card. Corrupted microSD card can be a possible reason behind malfunctioning of such mp3 players.

i will try that thank you