Grove module board dimensions

Hi, I couldn’t find any detailed dimensions for the Grove modules. They looks standardized size, and would like to know the dimensions in case I’d like to make a Grove-compatible module.

Things I’d to know for example the overall size, mounting hole size (external and internal), side-notch size, corner curvature, PCB thickness, the standard sizes and the positions of the mounting holes and notches. Basically a detailed drawing of the module PCBs would be great.


I’m thinking something like this, filling out all the measurements on a similar picture:

Yes, a dimensional drawing would be nice. However, they are square with only two screw holes, so it’s pretty easy to measure.

Length and Width are identical, 0.79" or 51/64" or 20mm

Screw Hole center-to-center is 0.784" or 25/32" or 19.92mm

The screw hole diameter is 0.084" or 5/64" or 2.14mm. A 2-56 thread machine screw fits perfectly.

I don’t understand the need to know corner radius, and just divide the width by 2 to get the center position of the screw hole.

This article may help you: