Grove LoRa-E5 ultra low power mode disable?

I am looking for example Arduino code to turn off the Grove LoRa-E5 ultra low power mode. I somehow managed to enable the ultra low power mode via an AT command (LOWPOWER=AUTOON), but am unable to get LOWPOWER=AUTOOFF command properly implemented to cause the GroveLoRa-E5 to awake and function.

Unable to communicate with the Grove LoRa-E5 module after putting into extreme low power mode. I’m unable to disable the extreme low power mode. I’ve tried sending AT commands via Tera Term and a FTDI module but get no responses from the LoRa-E5, even with FFFFFFFF preceding the AT command. Another Grove LoRa-E5 module responses fine via the FTDI module. What commands do I need to send via the FTDI module from a terminal program to disable or reset the LoRa-E5?

I finally was able to disable the LoRa-E5 extreme low power mode via a terminal sending the following command via a FTDI connected to the Grove LoRa-E5:

Now I need to figure out how to turn off the extreme low power mode in Arduino code in the microprocessor connected to the LoRa-E5 module.