Grove - LoRa-E5 module mechanical dimensions

Can someone please direct me to a mechanical drawing of this module? - Or an Altium PCB outline?
I would like to mount the module using the two mounting holes, but don’t have a physical sample to measure holes sizes, overhangs etc.
Also, I can’t identify the 4 pin connector on the module - Does anyone know the connector brand/ series?

If you mean the Grove-Lora-E5 module (the small one) then the board has the identical footprint to the grove 4 hub and grove proto board

Thanks asmallri. Can you direct me to the mechanical outlines for those boards?

I do not work for Seeed. I know about the footprints as I have all three in front of me at the moment. However on the Wiki page for the E5 module is the eagle schematic and pcb layout. You can go to and download the free version of eagle for hobbyists and view the pcb in that.