Grove-LCD RGB Backlight - Error in sample python script

Bought a few days ago a Seeed Grove Shield for Pi Pico and a Seeed Grove-LCD RGB Backlight V4.0. The sample python script on webpage: Grove Shield for Pi Pico V1.0 - Seeed Wiki ( for use within the Thonny IDE does not light the backlight. I discovered that the error is in line 7: d = LCD1602_RGB.display(i2c, 2, 16). To have the backlight work and the colors work, take out the letters “.display”, so the line will read: d = LCD1602_RGB(i2c, 2, 16).
See the attached annotated screenshot.

Dear paulsk,
Great. You’re right.
We find that the provided program is wrong, and we will update the Wiki and the source program later.
Thanks again, your reminder will save many other users from the wrong results.