Grove Larger pled display

Here is my environment sensor

You can see I have the oled display v1.2 installed on the lid of the enclosure.
It looks tiny and the text is small, hard to read.
It would be great if Seeed could develop an oled Grove module that has a 4x larger display.
Also good if the grove connector was mounted beneath the PCB.

Dear @Bryn_Parrott
Thank you for your feedback on the problem that OLED screens are too small and hard to read, as well as your valuable comments on developing OLEDs with 4x large screens. I will give your feedback to its product manager so that we can improve our products better.

Thanks for your quick response.
I am aware of the TFT product that might be useful but I do not need the touch screen feature, and its not cheap and not as easy to use as oled.

I now looking at the new Wio Terminal product which might solve a number of problems I have with my project, including the display size. And I can display graphs using the line library. And its relatively cheap.

There are plentry of larger type (2.5 inch and 4 inch) displays available for Raspberry Pi however most are unsuitable for Arduino due to the connection (eg HDMI) and the way they have to be driven. I also note that the Wio Terminal device already has a larger display. It would be great if the Pimoroni Hyperpixel 4 display could be available in a format to suit Arduino. At present the use of the 40 pin Pi header and installable driver makes it tough.
The small sized grove i2c oled displays are great to work with so all I am seeking is a larger size version. Hopefully extra features will include typeface and size. It would be nice to be able to draw graphs onscreen. Touchscreen is an unnecessary feature.

OK just to finalise this thread. I have discovered the Itead Nextion range of displays. They range in size from 2.5 inch to 10 inch. There is also the WIO terminal device recently released by Seeed.
I have not yet decided which of these to get.

If LCD is okay, some screens I’ve used may be helpful.

  1. I often use the 5" or 7" STONE display, which is full size and is a serial screen, and is friendly for people who use multiple microcontrollers.
  2. The 7" touch screen of Raspberry Pi is not bad except it looks a bit unstable.

If you find another better display please recommend it for me too!