grove gsr on grovepi

I have purchased grove gsr and grovepi, wondering if there’s any sample code for grove gsr on grove pi ? any nodejs code or python code ? I have searched sample code for grove gsr on arduino only , it seems no sample code on grovepi ?

Hi there,

the gsr sensor is analog sensor. you can refer to <LINK_TEXT text=“ …”></LINK_TEXT>. thanks.


Hi, the above is not grove gsr ? have you got any example of grove gsr on grovepi? any nodejs code ? python is fine … Thanks

HI Joe,

it is the same, coz both switch and gsr are anlog sensor. so you can use the same script to extract the analog reading. thanks.

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HI, Bill:

I have purchased a grovepi starter kit: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … arter-kit/”></LINK_TEXT>,

So all I have to do is plugging grove gsr into grovepi and paste those codes ?



Hi Joe

Step 1. Follow Setting Software to configure the development environment. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … -software/”></LINK_TEXT>

Step 2. Git clone the Github repository.

cd ~

git clone

Step 3. Excute below commands to use the grove_tilt_switch to meansure the distance.

cd ~/GrovePi/Software/Python




Thanks Bill, will get a chance to try and update you soon, btw: I’d like to send those data to cloud for further machine learning analysis(feature selection/extraction for destress, normal, nurvous…), any similar case would be appreciated, it’s something like this: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … index.html”></LINK_TEXT>

Hi Joe,

please try <LINK_TEXT text=“ … tem-d12772”></LINK_TEXT>. If you come out the project, please share it through thanks.

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Hi, Bill:

I have a another Seeeduino and grove gsr, any solution for collecting those gsr data on the cloud for training a machine learning model ? thanks