Grove Air quality sensor 1.3

Hi there

I I’ve never seen so little information about “Air quality sensor 1.3”’ output? Do I need to guess what the output means (from the code example) or is there a doc about the output from the grove? The documentation I find only deals with the superficial (and a diagram), but no information about using thew air sensor correct and so on.

Where do I find information to correctly implement the air sensor?


I need to know the voltage value (outport) relative to air quality.

And how do Arduino convert this voltage values to an useful Air quality Index?



Hi Tomboy,
Were you able to get detailed information on the Air Quality Sensor v1.3 output?
I purchased a number of these sensors for an application but ran into issues with data coming from the sensor when connected to my Arduino controller. Each sensor is giving me a different output value even though I have them side-by-side in the same room.

To [Grove Support],
Is there a way to calibrate this sensor so the output is very close/similar for sensors put in the same space?



Weird. I only have one sensor, and it seams to work well. It is not possible to calibrate it (as a command or something like that).

But I am now using the SGP30 sensor , and it is a lot more fun to program that thing.