Grove AI HAT - missing package for Arduino IDE?


I want to ask the people from Seeedstudio if they can correct the link(or the content from that file) for the Board Manager from Arduino IDE for the Grove AI Hat Edge Computing boards:

This link doesn’t work (it’s taken from the wiki page - step 2). The package for Grove AI Hat is missing.

I bought 5 grove ai hats for my Raspberry Pi boards and I need them running.

Can it be done ?.. or the support for this product is gone ?

Is there anybody that resolved this problem ?

Thank you very much !

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I’m finding the same problem.

it seems they removed the links from the file

I spoke with the people from SeeedStudio - they said that this board is not supported anymore :frowning:
Imagine that I bought 5 boards for my projects. They should worn people about this on the official page of the product.
They said that they spoke with their technical stuff and it seems that they can’t find the original archive with the driver :frowning: … I wanted to install it manually in Arduino IDE but now… I have 5 useless boards.
I’ll stress them more… maybe they’ll find the driver for me. If someone from SeeedStudio reads this - please put the driver on the products page - at least, people must be able to install it manually in the Arduino IDE.

Best regards !

Same situation here, maybe for people more familiarized with the K210 project would have known it. I see that the Seeed Studio Sipeed MAIX BiT has a bit more of resources.
A formal announcement would have helped, also as these boards are still sold by other suppliers.

Thanks for the comments and the open topic.

Yes… Maix Bit has better support. I do have one and everything is fine with that product.
I received another email from the support team and they said that they didn’t find the archive for the Grove Hat.
If you look closely to the page that “seeed946” gave to us in the previous answers you will notice that you have in fact links to the archives (all versions) - so the drivers are still on the server. I downloaded them but I still have problems when I want to install the board manually.
Try for instance: … you’ll be able to download it.
Is there anybody here that can help us with the manual installation of the board in Arduino IDE ???
I want these boards “up and running” !

On another note I really don’t understand why SeeedStudio finished this product. It’s not hard to let the driver available in that JSON package file(as you said - there are so many vendors that still sell the product - it should be supported). At least they should mention if the product had design or hardware issues !

Best regards !

Same here, am hoping someone can get this arduino thing functioning. I would also like to use my boards