GPS AssistNow

How do I get GPSBee working with U-center AssistNow offline?
It says:
NotAcknowledge received.

You need a UartSBee:
or the similar products to bring the data from GPS Bee to the PC.
After they are connected to the PC, you should choose the right the COM port for the UartSBee.
Then connect the COM on the U-center, and you will receive the data from the GPS Bee.
Make sure you are close to the window to receive the signal from the satellite.

It is easy to see the data from the XBee on my PC in U-center.
I wanted to use a specific feature within the application to speed up initialization.
I have listed the error message it returns.
Please help!

Without this feature it takes about an hour average time to reinitialize,
even if power is only lost for a second.
Is there a different solution?