Gadgeteer Cellular module source

Just ordered the Cellular module, and it’s on it’s way to the Netherlands.

I’ve already gone through some PDF’s about the chip and was looking for the source code. There’s a link to the Gadgeteer codeplex project, but I don’t see the code for the Cellular module.

I know there is a beta driver, but why no beta source code?

Hi dear,

This product is Seeed cooperate with Microsoft.
So here is only driver attach now.
And we also waiting Microsoft’s source code.

Perhaps you can go to the website to consult Microsoft. :wink:

Best regards,


Hi Yuri,

Thanks for the info, but I’m a bit confused. I was under the impression that the gadgeteer module builder should provide a gadgeteer driver with their module. Are you telling me that the current (beta) Cellular module driver was written by Microsoft? What source code from Microsoft are you waiting for?

Regards, Mischa.

Hi there,

Yes, the real driver should code from Microsoft.
We waiting for some more function what they want to use in gadgeteer.
So just sorry only have BATE driver now.

Best regards,