FullHD camera and K210


The K210 Datasheet states that the maximum frame size supported by the Digital Video Port is 640x480. Is the chip able to process a video stream from an external FullHD camera?

Hi Andrew,

i’d put the same question to this forum some minutes ago in regard to:

Maybe there will be a reply - lets hope

I was trying to use OV5640 but got some garbage on screen (M1W)
Not sure if there are other cameras with even higher resolution
Maybe clocking the sensor was wrong. I use standalone SDK and C/C++

It is kind of later update on K210 camera - specifically OV5640
I noticed Kendryte github site updated their SDK and it is possible now to run nice 0v5640 with new code
I tested some of that code and found out that 320x240 resolution was hardcoded in sccb drivers so I put 640x480 and changed dvp init resolution also

Here is video: K210 with ov5640 at 640x480 rgb video - YouTube

At first I got blank screen later to realize that camera specification recommends 24Mhz clock for any resolution. SDK runs cam on 50Mhz and I changed it
The code can be optimized a lot especially using second core to process image which is still done completely in DMA