Flowmeter model #314150001 unit questions

RE: #314150001 Liquid Flowmeter with Barbed Hose connections [0.3 ~ 6 LPM Male, 0.28" (7.2mm) <0.8 MPa, Gredia/Seeed Technology]

To Whom It May Concern,
I am interested in the flowmeter unit for liquid that is model number #314150001. From the specifications, it has two male barbed hose connections, measures liquid flow rates ranging 0.3 to 6 L/min, and has a pressure limit <0.8 MPa. My questions are as follows. 1- Is this flow meter compatible with oil? The oil I would need to measure the flow rate is a paraffinic oil, go be more specific, it is a vacuum pump oil. 2-What is the required working pressure range on a liquid to allow stable operation and accurate measuring of flow rates? 3-What panel meter or display would you recommend for showing the flow rate? 4-Does the unit require a voltage to function? If so, what is that voltage?

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