Float division zero error for MLX90641 with RasPi3

Hi Seeed Studio Team,

Thank you for your support.

I am testing 101020992 with connecting to Raspberry Pi 3.
The connection image is as follows.


I connected it to a Raspberry Pi and ran Getting Started by Raspberry Pi, which is

published by seeed studio, to check its operation.
When I entered the command 「sudo ircamera I2C MLX90641」and ran the Python code, I got a error「float division by zero」

Investigating the cause, we found that 0x2427[kVdd] is 0. Is this the cause?

If this is the cause,
Can you give some advice for why this happened and what should we do for it?

(Same question as below But written Japanese.
Questions about mlx90641 getting started by raspberry pi - Community - Seeed Forum (seeedstudio.com))

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Can anyone reply?


I’m sorry to keep you waiting.
Our team is currently following up and will be reviewing the bug on the program in the near future. If there is a solution, we will get back to you on this thread as soon as possible.
Thanks again for your patience!