Flash JetPack directly to SSD on reComputer J202 with Jetson Xavier NX module

I have an reComputer J202 with the Jetson Xavier NX installed. I would prefer to use an NVMe SSD installed in the M.2 slot instead of the 16 GB eMMC to increase my available disk space. I’m aware of this memory expansion tutorial but the NVIDIA SDK Manager now seems to support selecting the storage device to flash to. Is it possible to directly flash Jetson Linux to the SSD instead of the eMMC? Is it perhaps possible to flash to both the eMMC and the SSD and then change the boot order in the Jetson UEFI BIOS?

The boot process for this board is a bit unclear to me. On a typical desktop computer, the motherboard would have some non-volatile memory for the BIOS. On boot, execution is “hardcoded” to load the BIOS from that NVM which in turn boots the OS. You can change the boot order in the BIOS to select the OS/storage device you want to boot. For the reComputer, I would suspect that the BIOS is expected to be on the eMMC so at the very least, a BIOS would need to be flashed to the eMMC. The part that is unclear to me is that a UEFI BIOS is part of Jetson Linux so presumably flashing directly to the SSD would put the BIOS there. If that’s the case, would the board know to load the BIOS from the SSD? If not, and the BIOS needs to be on the eMMC, then would having a BIOS on the SSD mess things up?

Thanks in advance for any information!