First project


My name is Nathan and I’m a student from Belgium and I have some concerns about my setup for research work in which we need to verify the accuracy of sunglasses.

Since we haven’t got a UV sensor, we decided to build our own with Arduino. After long research, it has come to my attention that it’s hard to find any answers to our problems. Could you be so kind to help our research group out with the following problem?

To measure the UV-index we are using an Arduino Uno, a laptop and a grove sunlight sensor ( ). Since our school is funding this project we would like to verify if we have all the necessary components to complete our task before actually buying them. We also can use your advice on how to connect it all together and maybe recommend what we need, if something is not complete.

Also because of the little information I found and was able to understand the technical terms of, I can conclude that the grove sunlight sensor can’t be directly connected to the Arduino Uno board and you would need to use a grove board for this. Is this true or can you also connect them with a grove to I2C cable?

Kind regards!

Nathan Segers


HI Nathan

You can connect the sensor to arduino uno directly using the jumper wire. here is the connection. for more info, please refer to thanks.

yellow --> SCL

white --> SDA

red --> 5v

gnd --> gnd