Esp32c3 seed studio STUCK IN DEEP SLEEP mode

I need help about esp32c3 stuck in deep sleep mode because my error in sketch arduino ide where i put it in deep sleep at the beginning.
In this wy the esp32c3 is not reachable from serial…
Do you have any idea how to solve,it?
I tried to start keep hold down boot mode and I can see a new usb port but when I tey to upload a new sketch it give me an error.

Hi Size:
After entering deep sleep mode, the XIAO’s port will disappear and you’ll need to wake it up to see its port number again.Activating boot mode did not solve the problem, and he was still in a deep sleep. In the program, we are using a D1 low level to wake up. This means that we can connect a button to pin D1 and the XIAO will wake up when we press the button.
(Currently the XIAO ESP32C3 only supports GPIO wake-up, and the only pins that support wake-up are D0~D3. This program may not work on other pins.)


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