ESP32C3 does not compile with LORAE5 library

Hi, I am trying to do the E5MAT Lora GPS tracker. This uses the LoRaE5 library. (E5MAT: Location Tracker Using GPS and LoRa Technology - . Transmiter works ok. In the receiver (ESP32C3) I am not able to compile. Several error messages similar to this are produced:
In member function ‘void LoRaE5Class::init()’:
c:\Users\gnola\Documents\Arduino\libraries\LoRaE5-main\LoRaE5.h:34:21: error: ‘Serial2’ was not declared in this scope.
Using an Doit ESP32 DEVKIT1 board instead of the ESP32C3 the receiver works as expected. Any ideas to put ESP32C3 working properly with LoraE5 library?.