ESP32-C3 how much current WiFi initialization drain?

I’m having trouble when initialize Wifi connection using battery.
If I use usb connector it works without problems but if I use 3.7 battery connected to the esp32-c3 pads, voltage go down terrible and esp32 stop working… I tried with battery 3.7 700mAh and even with 3.7 2000mAh…
Battery are brand new but I can’t believe wifi drain so much current…

You can check out the battery section in this wiki and wonder if it will help you
开始使用Wio终端 |看工作室维基 (

The section provides no information about peek power consumption.

During WiFi search and provisioning, power requirement could exceed 100 mA.

I solved.
The problem was about breadbord.
the battery is connected to the esp32c3 via breadboard and that was the problem.
I use a good greadboard but this is not enough… connection in this case was the problem.
I connect the battery directly to the micro and the problem disappear…