Error when programming lora-e5 mini dev board to remove RDP


i have an error error when programming lora-e5 mini dev board, i use stlink v2 with latest firmware and
stm32cubeprogrammer. To be able to read I need to switch to HOT-PLUG mode and connect with pressing reset button.first attempt it did not find the device, second attempt is connect well and it can read the configuration bit. RDB is at ‘BB’. So when I try to program AA it wont ant throw an error ?

Any idea ?

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Finally it was my genuine st-link v2 ? target voltage was never more than 1.2v. I bought a clone and all is ok,
i am able to remove RDP and target voltage is around 3.17v.


now the problem even if RDP is removed, I cannot erase the flash or program a hex file ?
it continue saying to check flash protection ?


RDB was locked at 0xAA and still no erase or flash capability, you need to set again RDP to 0xBB , unplug the board (very important, if not it will not work and stay locked at 0xAA), reconnect to the stm32, you will see RDP with a strange value 0xFF, that is ok, and set back RDP to 0xAA, this time you will be able to change the value.

Today all is ok, I can erase and flash anything :slight_smile: very very very strange …