ERROR joining TTN from US

trying to get the Grove - Wio-E5 tutorial to work. Ref: Grove - Wio-E5 - Seeed Wiki

Looking at the code I see that it references EU868 frequency I changed it to us915 with no luck. However, if I unload this sketch and manually enter the join code with the required id’s… it is able to connect to the TTN. There must be something else in the code I am missing and any suggestions would be good,

if (at_send_check_response("+AT: OK", 100, "AT\r\n"))
        is_exist = true;
        at_send_check_response("+ID: AppEui", 1000, "AT+ID\r\n");
        at_send_check_response("+MODE: LWOTAA", 1000, "AT+MODE=LWOTAA\r\n");
        at_send_check_response("+DR: EU868", 1000, "AT+DR=EU868\r\n");
        at_send_check_response("+CH: NUM", 1000, "AT+CH=NUM,0-2\r\n");
        at_send_check_response("+KEY: APPKEY", 1000, "AT+KEY=APPKEY,\"2B7E151628AED2A6ABF7158809CF4F3C\"\r\n");
        at_send_check_response("+CLASS: C", 1000, "AT+CLASS=A\r\n");
        at_send_check_response("+PORT: 8", 1000, "AT+PORT=8\r\n");
        u8x8.setCursor(5, 0);
        is_join = true;