Error downloading Seeed Studio when opening board manager

Hi all,

Just having some trouble trying to connect Arduino to the Seeeduino Lotus i’m using. I’ve entered the URL (<LINK_TEXT text=“ … index.json”></LINK_TEXT>) into the additional boards manager in preferences, but when i try to open the board manager to download the Seeeduino board i just get hit with:

“Error downloading <LINK_TEXT text=“ … index.json”></LINK_TEXT>”.

Whats even stranger is that this was working perfectly fine a few days back until the Seeeduino board mysteriously uninstalled itself from Arduino.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Julian

Hi Julian

Please click the File–>Preferences–>Settings–>click the “C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Arduino15\preferences.txt”. it will open a folder. then you can delete all the files with extension .json/tmp/sig, just leave the preferences.txt/packages/staging. then you can try it once again. thanks.

@bill.yu I am getting the same error connecting a seeeduino v4.2 for the first time, tried to delete the files and repeat, got same result


Could you pls tell me if you can open the links of json file in your Internet browser or ping it in the terminal?