Electronic Brick - Light Sensor

Hi All,

Has anyone got the datasheet on this module? I just received two of these from Seeed, but could find the datasheet on the website. When I contacted Tech. Support they told me “it’s an old product, and the designer has left the company - no information available” :open_mouth: !!



Looking at the picture here, it looks like it’s just a light dependent resistor and an LM358 op-amp, same as the Twig version that replaced it. I suspect operation would be very similar for both.

There is also some information in the Electronic Bricks Cookbook

Hi guys,

I’m sorry, I know that this is a rather old topic, but I didn’t want to start a new one with basically the same title.

The only thing I’d simply like to know is what the max. output voltage is, in regards to the detected luminosity level. At a normal indoor light condition I measure approx. 2.2 V, and the sensor is perfectly responding when it is supposed to show lower values. But what about the max. value? The reason I need this reference for is that I need to assign the full analogue voltage range to its digital output.

Anyone who could help me out on this one?



I checked the Electronic Bricks Cookbook jpd referenced above (rather poor in general) and the code example is really frustrating. Since analogRead() returns an integer, why is it compared to a HEX (0x200) ?? And anyway, if it is HEX it would be 512 decimal; the 2.2 V I mentioned above are even less than that (around 400), given the 10-bit built-in ADC of the AVR chips on Arduinos. If it is meant to be 200 dec, then it is a rather low level to turn the lights on…! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anybody, please??