EdgeLogix build in LCD display

Can I use the built-in display as a normal screen to display the desktop of the installed operating system?
If so, can you give me an example.

This is much harder than it is, there is NO kernel driver for the LCDTFT screen to use it like a normal display to show the content of your monitor. (framebuffer)
I did a lot of research and I have got a working driver compiled for the ra8876, Riao, the company of this chips told me that I can use this driver for the ra8890. I did everything to compile the kernel module but I still get no spi device id with errorcode -12. If I search for it it means not enougk memory but I don’t think this is the problem. I want to use the LCDTFT screen as a real monitor screen, I want to use nodered and showing the dashboard on this screen. If someone can help me it would be very kind.